XX Hi-ResDAC 3D Surround 

USB-C Headphone Cable

XX USB-C Headphone Cable

Equipped with our proprietary Hi-Res DAC and 7.1 channel 3D virtual surround sound processor, the MAS XX USB-C Headphone Cable connects to your mobile devices via USB-C port for enjoy high quality digital music and astonishing surround sound ideal for music streaming, casual gaming and communication.


High Quality Digital Music Streaming

The XX USB-C Headphone Cable with a Hi-Res Digital Audio Converter (DAC) supports up to 384KHz sampling rate and 32 bit-depths to stream high resolution digital music. 

Astonishing 3D Surround Sound

The XX USB-C Headphone Cable features MAS proprietary audio processor which can create 7.1 channel 3D virtual surround sound perfect for gaming and watching movies .


Designed for the MAS

X-Series Headphones

The XX USB-C Headphone Cable features a proprietary DAC to deliver high resolution sound and is compatible with MAS X-series headphones.

Remote Control with Inline Microphone

The remote control of XX USB-C Headphone Cable allows you to adjust volume, adjust tracks, select play/pause and select call send/end on mobile devices with USB-C ports. Its high sensitivity inline microphone delivers clear speech quality.

(Note: Please note that some mobile devices may not fully support the remote because of different Apps or operation systems.)

Toggle between Hi-Fi and Surround Mode with Ease

In the Surround mode, the XX USB-C Headphone Cable delivers cinematic 7.1 channel virtual surround sound to immerse you in whatever you're watching movie or gaming. In the Hi-Fi mode, the XX USB-C Headphone Cable supports the high resolution audio streaming. 

Compatible Devices

Apple iPad Pro

Samsung S10, S10+


Google Pixel 2 XL

Sony Xperia XZ2

Huawei P20, Mate10

Asus Zenfone 4, Zenfone 5Z


  • Hi-Res Audio Certified

  • 3D Virtual Surround Sound

  • Sampling Rate: 384KHz

  • Bit Depths: 32 Bit

  • Remote Features: Volume adjustment, tracks select, play/pause and call send/end.

Accessory Kit

  • A Product Warranty Card