XX Hi-ResDAC 3D Surround 

USB-C Headphone Cable

XX USB-C Headphone Cable

Equipped with our proprietary Hi-Res Audio DAC and 7.1 channel 3D virtual surround sound processor, the MAS XX USB-C Headphone Cable connects to your mobile devices via USB-C port for enjoy high quality digital music and astonishing surround sound for games and movies.

High Quality Digital Music Streaming

The XX USB-C Headphone Cable with a Hi-Res Digital Audio Converter (DAC) supports up to 384KHz sampling rate and 32 bit-depths to stream high resolution digital music. 

Astonishing 3D Surround Sound

The XX USB-C Headphone Cable features MAS proprietary audio processor which can create 7.1 channel 3D virtual surround sound perfect for games and movies .

Designed for the MAS

X-Series Headphones

The XX USB-C Headphone Cable includes a proprietary amplifier specially designed to drive all MAS X-series headphones efficiently.

Remote Control with Inline Microphone

The remote control of XX USB-C Headphone Cable allows you to adjust volume, adjust tracks, select play/pause and select call send/end on smart devices. (Note: Please note that some mobile devices may not fully support the remote because of different Apps or operation systems.) The high sensitivity inline microphone delivers clear speech quality.

Toggle between Hi-Fi and Surround Mode with Ease

In the Surround mode, the XX USB-C Headphone Cable delivers cinematic 7.1 channel virtual surround sound to immerse you in whatever you're watching movie or gaming. In the Hi-Fi mode, the XX USB-C Headphone Cable supports the high resolution audio streaming. 

Compatible Devices

Apple iPad Pro

Samsung S10, S10+


Google Pixel 2 XL

Sony Xperia XZ2

Huawei P20, Mate10

Asus Zenfone 4, Zenfone 5Z


  • Hi-Res Audio Certified

  • 3D Virtual Surround Sound

  • Sampling Rate: 384KHz

  • Bit Depths: 32 Bit

  • Remote Features: Volume adjustment, tracks select, play/pause and call send/end.

Accessory Kit

  • A Product Warranty Card

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