About MAS

MAS engineers audiophile grade products with unrivaled performance. 

Brand Story



You value quality, as the thread count of your bed sheets does matter.
You cultivate your own personal taste, and do not follow trends blindly.
You enjoy simplicity, preferring to indulge in the flavors of raw ingredients.

As an urban dweller, when hustling between hectic subway stations or wandering

around busy crossroads, you need a space to hear your inner voice.


As a music lover, when strolling in vintage street alleys full of stories, or waiting

patiently and eagerly on the railway platform, you need a companion to share your

journey with.


MAS is created for you.


We undergo countless refinements in acoustic engineering and search rigorously in

material selection and texture details to provide the best sound for city living.


We differentiate products with purpose-built features to suit your specific needs and

allow you to express your individual taste.


We demand simplicity in design aesthetics to complement your uncluttered lifestyle.


So pick up a pair of MAS headphones and start composing your own melody in this

roaring urban jungle.

About the MAS Team

Over many years the experienced team behind the brand developed and manufactured high end headphones for several well-known companies of excellent reputation which trusted the expertise of the team. After establishing their own brand MAS, the team aims to surpass these high standards even more with proprietary technologies delivering high resolution audio to Hi-Fi enthusiast and music lovers who don't follow trends blindly.


Their Core Array Technology™ aligns all acoustic components coaxially in the structure to control the sound wave energy effectively, minimize distortion and produce spacious soundstage. Thanks to their patented Headphone Ecosystem™, all MAS X-Series headphones and earbuds are compatible with separate MAS XX interchangeable headphone cables which offer a variety of purposed-built features to suit end-users’ specific needs.These inventions distinguish MAS headphones from other products in the fierce market competition.

Combining original design and proprietary technology with superior craftsmanship, the MAS team creates the highest quality audiophile grade headphones featuring innovation and unrivaled performance.