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About MAS

About MAS 

MAS AUDIO SCIENCE, referred to as MAS, is a high-end headphone brand and dedicated to provide premium quality audiophile headphones and cable accessories featuring original design, swanky style, simple aesthetics and unrivaled performance.


The team behind the brand is composed of experienced designers and engineers, and had developed headphones and speakers for many prestigious audio companies over many years. With the dream of creating ideal headphones for audiophiles and music lovers, they are determined to leverage the accumulated expertise in audio products and manufacturing networks to establish their own brand MAS in 2016.


MAS has undergone countless refinements in acoustic engineering and conducted rigorous research in material selection and details to achieve the best sound in ideals. MAS demands simplicity in design aesthetics to present low-profile lifestyle and distinctive individual taste. So please pick up a pair of MAS headphones to experience MAS’ passion and pursuit of the ultimate sound.

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