About MAS

MAS AUDIO SCIENCE engineers audiophile grade products with unrivaled performance. 

MAS AUDIO SCIENCE (MAS) is bringing the highest quality performance in audio equipment to the market. 

Over many years the experienced team behind the brand developed and manufactured high end headphones for several well known companies of excellent reputation which trusted the expertise of the group. After establishing their own brand MAS, the team aims to surpass these high standards even more with proprietary technologies delivering high resolution audio to hi-fi enthusiasts around the globe.


The team’s Core Array Technology™ integrates precision coaxial acoustic design with high end speaker sound-tuning technique to control the sound wave energy effectively, minimize distortion and produce spacious soundstage. The patented Headphone Ecosystem™  offers a range of accessory cables that are interchangeable with all MAS headphones to provide a variety of special features for MAS headphones. These inventions distinguish MAS headphones from other products in the fierce market competition.

Combining superior design and proprietary technology with outstanding craftsmanship, MAS creates high-end audiophile headphones featuring innovation and unrivaled performance.


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