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About MAS

MAS AUDIO SCIENCE engineers audiophile grade products with unrivaled performance. 

MAS AUDIO SCIENCE (MAS) is bringing the highest quality performance in audio equipment to the market. Over many years the experienced team behind the brand developed and manufactured high end headphones for the most esteemed brands around the globe which trusted the expertise of the group. After establishing their own brand MAS, the team aims to surpass these high standards even more by integrating all critical elements - durability, advanced technology, and audio quality into their own MAS in-house designs.


Their innovations include the patented Headphone Ecosystem™ allows all MAS X-series headphones to be compatible with separate MAS XX accessories which offer a range of connection and connectivity options for different usage scenario and equipment. The proprietary Core Array Technology™ which aligns all components of the driver to increase efficiency, reduce distortion and produce incredible sound quality along with spacious soundstage. The in-house engineering and manufacturing allows the team to deliver the best possible audio reproduction technology at the best possible value. Combining innovative technology, elite build quality and outstanding craftsmanship, MAS engineers audiophile grade products with unrivaled performance.