MAS X5h Headphone and MAS XX Bluetooth Cable Review from "AUDIOPHILE-HEAVEN"

"MAS Audio Science X5h is a headphone that's made to impress, and a headphone that's going to be your partner for a long time⋯⋯ X5h is build like a high-end headphone, and the price is actually good for the sound you're getting."


MAS X5 Series Headphones and MAS XX Bluetooth Cable Review from "UNWIRE.HK"


MAS X5i recommend from Taiwan Professional Headphone Magazine "Headphone Buying Guide Vol.6"


MAS X5i Review from Taiwan Professional Headphone Magazine "PRIME AV"


MAS X5h Review from Taiwan Professional Headphone Magazine "PRIME AV"


MAS X5i Review from US Professional  HiFi Review Website 13th Note


MAS X5 Series Headphones  Review by Reputed Taiwan Reviewer Mr.Jack Liu ,Chief Editor of Professional Hi-Fi Magazines "AudioArt" and "PrimeAV"

"With the MAS X5h and MAS X5i headphones, the many genres including classical music, rock, jazz, pop, and even electronic music I listen to are uniformly presented well. Individual instruments will stand out, the words will be clearer, and you'll hear many subtle details as if you were enjoying million NTD class Hi-Fi speakers.”


MAS X5h  Unboxing by Taiwan Popular Blogger Mr. Alex

MAS X5h and MAS XX Bluetooth Cable Review from US Professional  HiFi Review Website Hi-Fi Trends

"The MAS Audio Science X5h On-Ear Headphone is a unique product that aims to offer audiophile sound on the go."

MAS X5i and MAS XX Bluetooth Cable Review from the UK Professional 3C Review Website MobileTechTalk

"The MAS X5i is near perfect adaptable audio at a price…"

"The X5i earbuds with this XX Bluetooth Cable sound freaking awesome, and more importantly, they sounded the same no matter what I was using them on"

MAS X5 Series Headphones and MAS XX Bluetooth Cable Review by
Sue Verran, Global Media Composer

"X5h and X5i are equally impressive. MAS AUDIO SCIENCE has done itself proud, engineering and designing beautiful, breathtaking, high-end quality headphones at an affordable, mid-range price. It was a pleasure to review these amazing game changers!  "

MAS X5h and MAS XX Bluetooth Cable Review from Spain Professional 3C Review Website Geek’s Room

"MAS Audio Science did a very good job with these headphones, obtaining a product of very good quality in terms of materials and construction."

​"When I used the MAS XX Bluetooth cables, they sound almost as good as if they were connected with the cable to the music player device…"

MAS X5i Review by Peter von Wienhardt, German Pianist, Composer/Arranger and Conductor

“The MAS X5i is one of the best inear headphones I have ever tried..”


MAS X5i Review from German Professional Headphone Magazine EAR IN

“The MAS X5i Extreme Fidelity 5 Driver In-Ear Headphone is honored to be reviewed and recommended by the German professional headphone magazine "EAR IN". “

MAS X5h and MAS XX Bluetooth Cable Review from Italy Hi-Fi Review Website Stereo-Head

“MAS X5h on-ear headphone is with style to sell. Excellent equipment and portability, even the cables supplied are of excellent quality.…”

Golden Pin Design Award 2018

XX Bluetooth Cable of MAS AUDIO SCIENCE has been selected as a winner of 2018 Golden Pin Design Award.


IFA 2018 In Berlin

Published brand-new X series product in IFA 2018.​

Hall 26 , Booth 322

CES 2018 in Vegas

Participate in the 2018 CES showstoppers exhibition in Las Vegas.


Computex Taipei 2018

A professional high-quality headphone that can be disassembled and matched according to situation.​

Hall 3 , Booth G0206

Creative Expo Taiwan 2018

Published brand-new X series product in IFA 2018.

  • Booth S3-005


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