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Bluetooth Cable


Bluetooth Cable

​Specifically designed to efficiently drive MAS X-Series Earbuds and Headphones, featuring superior semiconductors for Bluetooth connectivity and audio amplification.

Patented Bluetooth Cable Design

MAS X-series headphones can be transformed into wireless headphones with the MAS XX Bluetooth cable. Swap between wired and wireless with ease, with the only Bluetooth design in the world to allow an analog connection if you run out of Bluetooth power.

Design for the MAS

X-Series Headphones

The MAS XX Bluetooth Cable includes a proprietary amplifier specially designed to drive the MAS X series headphones efficiently.

More than 12 hours listening time

The MAS XX Bluetooth Cable is equipped superior semiconductors and electronics design to provide you with more than 12 hours continuous listening time on a single charge.

Mainstream Bluetooth Technology

Equipped with the Bluetooth version 4.2 technology, the MAS XX Bluetooth Cable provides high quality audio transmission with high quality wireless components.

Remote Control with

Inline Microphone

The remote control of MAS XX Bluetooth Cable allows you to adjust volume, adjust tracks, select play/pause, select call send/end and activate voice assistant on smart devices.(Note: Please note that some mobile devices may not fully support the remote because of different Apps or operation systems.) The high sensitivity inline microphone delivers clear speech quality.

Water and Sweat Resistant

Certified water resistant (rated to IPX4) and sweat proof. MAS proprietary design has created water resistance without sacrificing sound quality.


Bluetooth Version - Bluetooth 4.2 Version

Operating  Frequency - 2.4 ghz

Distance Range - 10 Meters

Play Time - More than 12 Hours on a single charge

Charger - USB DC 5V

Accessory Kit

  • USB Charging Cable

  • A Product Warranty Card