X5i Titanium Extreme Fidelity Five Driver In-ear Headphones

Exceptional Design, Unrivaled Performance.

Create the ultimate audio experience for the discerning listeners.

Diversified interchangeable purposed-built headphone cables to suit your specific needs.



Combining proprietary Core Array Technology™ and Five Driver design, the MAS X5i delivers Hi-Res Audio certified audiophile grade sound with extended 5Hz to 70KHz frequency response.


Combining proprietary Core Array Technology™ and exceptional build quality, the MAS X5h delivers Hi-Res Audio certified superior sound with extended 5Hz to 50KHz frequency response.  


Bluetooth Cable

Specifically designed for the MAS headphones, the MAS XX Bluetooth Cable features stable Bluetooth connectivity and superior audio amplification.


USB-C Headphone Cable

Designed for the MAS headphones,

the MAS XX USB-C Headphone Cable features Hi-Res Audio DAC and exceptional 3D surround sound.