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Custom OEM, ODM and JDM Service

The MAS AUDIO SCIENCE (MAS) team has developed and manufactured high end headphones for many worldwide well-known companies of excellent reputation for more than 20 years. With superior design capability and proprietary technology, we provide customers with custom OEM, ODM and Joint Design Manufacture (JDM) service to create innovative products.

Industrial Design Capability

With the solid ergonomic database and extensive experience, the MAS Industrial Design Team excels at the use of innovative materials and technologies to create the most competitive products.

Acoustic Design Capability

With micro speaker development and acoustic structure design capability, the MAS team is good at fine-tuning the sound of different products to achieve ideal sound quality.

Hardware Integration Capability

With extensive hardware integration experience, the MAS team offers customers the optimized hardware solution from IC and algorithm integration, antenna design to PCB layout design.

Flexible Manufacture

With manufacturing systems in both Taiwan and Mainland China, the MAS team offers customers flexible and high quality manufacture service no matter small quantity or high volume.

Innovative Product Design and Development

With superior design capability and proprietary technology, MAS provides customers with the most feasible one-stop solution to create a variety of innovative products.

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