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OEM, ODM and Custom Products

MAS also provides OEM / ODM service and custom products by leveraging accumulated expertise, experience  and manufacturing network in development of audio products.   

Industrial Design 

With abundant design experience,  MAS offers industrial design service including concept proposal, product rendering, CMF definition...etc.  

Acoustic Design 

With proprietary Core Array Technology, micro speaker development and acoustic structure design capability, MAS can achieve ideal sound quality  for different audio products.

Hardware Integration

MAS provides hardware integration from IC solutions evaluation, antenna design , PCB layout design to product safety compliance.

Manufacturing Network

MAS leverages long-term manufacturing partners and networks in Taiwan to produce high-quality products. 

Parts and Components 

MAS also provides parts and components including headphone drivers/transducers, cables, ear-pads, headbands, carrying pouches and  carrying cases.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact:

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