X5i High Fidelity


In-Ear Headphones


Combining style, premium build quality and the unrivaled performance of our 5 linear-driver design, the MAS X5i delivers audiophile-class music for smartphones and mobile media players. Featuring high audio fidelity and musicality with extremely wide 5Hz to 70KHz frequency response, the MAS X5i is awarded Hi-Res Audio Headphone Certification by the Japan Audio Society.

​Full Range Hybrid Driver

The full-range 5 linear hybrid driver composed of quad dedicated Balanced Armature drivers to produce bass, mid, mid-high, high frequency and one specially tuned dynamic driver to produce sub bass. Our signature 5 linear driver design delivers clarity and spaciousness with deeper bass and sharper response.  

Proprietary Acoustic Design

The Core Array Technology ™ aligns all acoustic components coaxially in the structure to increase efficiency, transfers sound waves more accurately and reduces distortion. It produces unrivaled sound quality and a spacious soundstage. 


MAS Headphone Ecosystem


All MAS X-Series headphones and earbuds are compatible with separate MAS XX interchangeable headphone cables which offer a variety of purposed-built features to suit your specific needs.


Included MAS XX 3.5mm Cables include a remote cable which allows you to make calls and select tracks on your mobile devices and a silver-coated OFC cable which provides you with extreme audio fidelity.

Optional MAS XX Cables

  • The MAS XX Bluetooth Cable connects to your iOS or Android mobile devices via Bluetooth.

  • The MAS XX Type-C Headphone Cable with Hi-Res Audio DAC connects to your mobile devices via USB-C port for enjoy high quality digital music and 7.1 channel 3D surround sound.


Designed for Music Streaming

The X5i can be driven easily even by mobile devices such as smartphones and allows you to enjoy audiophile-grade sound through music streaming. The X5i is perfect for Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and Google Music. 

Sliver-Coated OFC Cable for Extreme Sound Quality

The audiophile grade silver-coated Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) cable is designed for the extreme audio fidelity. It can give finer detail, smoother treble and faithfully reproduced musical expression. 

Remote Cable for Meeting and Communication

The remote cable allows you to make calls and select tracks on your iOS or Android mobile devices. Its high quality MEMS microphone delivers incredibly clear voice quality perfect for conference call and communication.

(Note: Please note that some mobile devices may not fully support the remote because of different Apps or operation systems.)

Premium Build Quality

Utilizing high quality CNC metal parts, special rust proof anti-fingerprint surface treatment and delicate handcrafted assembly, the X5i features premium build quality.

Ergonomic Design

Thanks to the compact 5-driver earbuds, 4 antibacterial silicon ear-tips, 3 memory foam ear-tips and 3 proprietary ear-wings, the X5i provides comfortable and steady fits even used for extended period. With the earbud magnet-clipping design and carrying pouch, the X5i is easy to carry and perfect for travelling. 


Please connect and disconnect the MMCX

cables vertically to the jacks or earbuds.


Driver Unit - 10mm Dynamic + 4 Balanced Armatures

Impedance - 12Ω

Frequency Response - 5-70,000Hz

Sensitivity - 105db/mW(@1kHz)

Accessory Kit

  • A silver-coated OFC cable

  • A remote cable with MEMS microphone

  • Four sets of antibacterial silicon ear tips(S/M/M/L)

  • Three sets of memory foam ear tips(S/M/L)

  • ​Three pairs of MAS XX Earwings(S/M/L)

  • A soft carrying pouch

  • A product warranty card

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