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MAS AUDIO SCIENCE (MAS) announces new X5 series headphones available on Amazon

The X5i 5 driver in-ear headphone and X5h extremely fidelity on-ear headphone, the two new headphones from MAS AUDIO SCIENCE, are now available on Amazon for a price of USD 299.99.

(MAS), who is an experienced manufacturer of audiophile components for the most esteemed brands around the globe is now able to combine all critical elements - durability, advanced technology, and audio quality in its own in-house designs

Spec and Features

Combining style, elite build quality and the unrivaled performance of MAS 5 linear-driver design, the MAS X5i, delivers audiophile-class music for smartphones and mobile media players and features extremely wide 5Hz to 70KHz frequency response. The MAS X5i is Hi-Res audio certified by the Japan Audio Society.

The X5h, on the other hand, features a foldable design and is compatibility with MAS XX accessories including the MAS XX Bluetooth cable. It is high audio fidelity and musicality with extended 5Hz to 50KHz frequency response and is certified Hi-Res audio as well.

Key innovations of the X5 series include:

l Linear Driver designs featuring up to 5 drivers delivering breathtaking audio range without sacrificing linearity, for the X5i in a compact earbud.

l Core Array Technology™ aligns all components of the driver to increase efficiency, reduces distortion and produces unrivaled sound quality along with spacious soundstage.

l The patented Headphone Ecosystem™ modular designs feature MMCX connectors for flexible use of wired, Bluetooth, and our upcoming hybrid cable which allows you to go wired or wireless.


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