1. How is the MAS headphones different from other headphone brands?

A:MAS AUDIO SCIENCE is a design-driven premium headphone brand to provide the best sound for city living to urban dwellers. The MAS headphones series are inspired and named after big cities around the world , differentiating products with purpose-built features to suit ones needs and allow one to express individual tastes. MAS  also demands simplicity in design aesthetic and innovation technologies to complement ones unclutter lifestyle. Please refer to “ABOUT MAS” for more information.


2. When did MAS brand establish?

A:MAS brand was officially launched in June 2016 in Taipei.


3. Where is the MAS headphones designed and produced?

A : The MAS headphones is designed in Taiwan and manufactured in China.


4. What kind of sound quality does MAS LISTEN headphones offer?

A:All the MAS headphones series are Hi-Res Audio certified by Japan Audio Society, providing great sound quality and details.


5. How does the MAS headphones operate? 

A:Please refer to the user manual sheet inside product package or visit “USER MANUAL” from MAS official website for more information. 


6. How does the MAS DUO Bluetooth cable operate? 

A:Please visit “USER MANUAL – MAS DUO” from MAS official website for more information.


7. Is the MAS DUO Bluetooth compatible with headphones from other manufactures? 

A:The MAS DUO Bluetooth cable can be used together with headphones from other manufactures under the condition that the connectors are identical. However MAS does not guarantee that the MAS DUO Bluetooth cable provides the same quality when it is used with headphones from other manufactures due to the reason that every manufacture has its own unique product designs.


8. Where can I give a tryout of MAS LISTEN products? 

A:You may experience MAS products at MAS Taipei Repair Center, MAS Hong Kong Repair Center, and physical stores. Please refer to “WHERE TO BUY” or “CONTACT US” for more information. 


9. Where can I purchase MAS products? 

A:You may purchase MAS products either through MAS official website or from the authorized channel partners.



10. What kind of warranty terms does MAS offer?

A:The MAS headphones products are warranted to be free from defects in material and/or workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. An additional 12 months warranty period (total 24 months) will be provided once customers have completed product registration through MAS LISTEN official website. Please refer to more information regarding product registration from “WARRANTY REGISTRATION”



11. Where can I have my MAS headphones repaired or battery changed if it is out of warranty? And what is the cost of repair?

A:Please refer to “WARRANTY REGISTRATION” for more information.



12. How can I contact MAS customer service?

A:Please refer to"CONTACT US"for information from MAS  official website , and we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.