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MAS AUDIO SCIENCE (MAS) develops the highest quality audiophile components with a focus on technology innovation and audio quality. Our in-house engineering and manufacturing allows us to deliver the best possible audio reproduction technology at the best possible value. As an experienced manufacturer of audiophile components for the most esteemed brands around the globe, we are able to combine all critical elements - durability, advanced technology, and audio quality in our own MAS AUDIO SCIENCE in-house designs. 


Our innovations include the Linear Driver designs featuring up to 5 drivers in a compact earbud delivering breathtaking audio range without sacrificing linearity. Our Core Array Technology™ aligns all components of the driver to increase efficiency, reduces distortion and produces unrivaled sound quality along with spacious soundstage. The patented Headphone Ecosystem™ modular designs feature MMCX connectors for flexible use of wired, Bluetooth, and our upcoming hybrid cable which allows you to go wired or wireless.






MAS AUDIO SCIENCE engineers audiophile grade products with unrivaled performance.